Huffy 26 In. Cranbrook Women’s Cruiser Bike, White


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The Huffy Cranbrook combines classic pearl white and matte black with sea crystal blue . the perfect color to make you feel like your riding along the beach even if the beach is miles away from home. The favorite 26 cruiser bike is great to ride around the neighborhood . into town or along a perfect beach. The comfortable ride combines classic features such as fenders to keep you dry . with superior comfort and style. The black and sea crystal blue color combination are used on the grips and pedals which feature double-Density material for better comfort while you ride. The padded spring saddle is the ultimate in comfort and style combination. The easy-Riding saddle coordinates the fashion colors and design for a saddle that looks as great as it rides. An alloy seat adjust makes it easy to adjust the seat to the perfect height before you ride. Enjoy the comfort and fun of the Huffy Cranbrook. We make fun.


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