Huffy 27.5 Inch Parkside SE Men’s Comfort Bike with Perfect Fit Frame, Sage


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One minute on this 27.5″ Men’s Parkside Perfect Fit Cruiser and you’ll understand what comfort means. While you’re seated a stop . both feet can rest flat on the ground; that flat-footed stance provides you with better balance and control. Raised handlebars let you ride in an upright position which feels more natural for your back . arms . and hands. Your legs can fully extend forward while you pedal and that eliminates wrist . arm . and leg fatigue. The comfortably padded seat is designed to be farther back and with a lower center of gravity for better balance. This 27.5″ Parkside Bike is designed to perform well on paved bike paths . city streets . level terrain . and hills. Choose from 7 speeds with the smooth-shifting Shimano Revoshift twist shifter . and the Shimano rear index derailleur. Front and rear linear pull brakes react quickly when needed. The 3-piece alloy crank is strong and reliable . while lightweight alloy rims are weather-resistant for improved performance. Larger 27.5″ wheels provide better momentum as you ride.



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