Jetson Journey Electric Bike, Classic Blue


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This is one journey that you will never tire of revisiting. The Jetson Journey 2.0 Electric Bicycle is the all-new upgrade of one of our favorite bicycles. Whether it’s riding in the city . in the town . or in the country the Jetson Journey 2.0 Electric Bicycle is a versatile ride that you are going to keep returning to. The Jetson Journey 2.0 is perfect for commuting or a weekend ride around the neighborhood with its maximum range of 22. It can hit a top speed of 16 miles per hour so you’re sure to zip around in style on every journey. The Jetson Journey 2.0’s aluminum is durable while its Interactive LCD Display makes sure that cyclists have everything that they need to know about their trip & battery usage . speed . turn on or off headlights . mileage – right there at the touch of a finger. Every journey is sure to be a great ride with the Jetson Journey 2.0. The Jetson Journey 2.0 is recommended for ages 14 and up.


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